Retain Hydration Conditioner

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Say goodbye to dry, dull, tangled hair and hello to healthier, stronger, more manageable hair with enhanced moisture, shine, and overall vitality.

  • Softer, silkier and shinier hair
  • Treat split ends
  • Tame frizzy hair

Argan Oil is a nourishing and hydrating oil that promotes hair health by adding shine, reducing frizz, and preventing damage.

Slippery Elm Bark soothes the scalp, reduces irritation, and helps maintain a healthy environment for hair growth.

Rose Clay cleanses the scalp, removing impurities and excess oil, which can lead to improved hair health and texture.

Marshmallow Root provides deep hydration and detangling properties, making hair softer, more manageable, and less prone to breakage

Section your hair into equal sections for easier application. Apply RETAIN Hydration Conditioner liberally to each section, ensuring thorough coverage. After the desired duration, rinse with lukewarm or cool water to help seal the cuticles and lock in moisture.

Cover your hair with a plastic cap for up to 30 minutes with or without heat. This allows the conditioner to provide deeper nourishment to your hair.

It is important to consult with your physician before using any product, especially if you are pregnant. While we strive to formulate our products with naturally derived or safe synthetic ingredients, individual reactions and sensitivities can vary. To ensure the safety of both you and your baby, it is always recommended to seek medical advice from a healthcare professional before using any products during pregnancy.