About Us

Darchele M. Erskine, known affectionately as OOPY, is the visionary founder and CEO of Get OOPY, LLC. Her path to becoming a small business owner is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and family background. Raised in West Orange, New Jersey, and now based in Dallas, Texas, Darchele comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs. She is the third generation in her family to embrace entrepreneurship, drawing inspiration from her grandparents to her mother, a cosmetologist and upscale salon owner, and her father, who owned a hair care advertising agency.

 Darchele's decision to establish her own business was driven by her commitment to reshaping beauty standards, especially for women of color. Her professional background in advertising for global hair care brands marketed to women of color equipped her with insights into the industry's challenges, including the prevalence of toxic ingredients in beauty products.

 Get OOPY is a brand and movement dedicated to empowering all women of color, specifically black women by offering high-quality, plant-based hair care for all hair types. It addresses the concern that 80% of products marketed to black women can cause severe health issues. 

 The OOPY Hair Rejuvenation System are not "black" products, but a product that gives black women a seat at that beauty table by providing safer, healthier beauty solutions, recognizing the significant spending and influence of black women have in speciically the hair care industry, which is worth $91.2 billion.

 This issue is personal for Darchele; she has experienced hair loss twice, suffered from allergies to beauty products, and faced significant health challenges. These experiences ignited a determination to offer safer, healthier beauty solutions.

 The origin story of Get OOPY, LLC is a testament to Darchele's resilience and dedication to making a difference. The brand name itself, OOPY, is not just a name but a reflection of her identity and the trials she has overcome. Her journey from adversity to becoming a Beautypreneur is about more than just business success; it's about creating a legacy of positive change and empowerment for women of color, paying it forward, leveraging her experiences to uplift and empower through beauty.